Athletics well represented this coming weekend at Baggataway Cup!

Brock University is hosting the Baggataway Cup this coming weekend.  The teams competing for the  National  Canadian Field Lacrosse Championships are Brock, Ottawa, Guelph, Bishops, Trent, and Western.

Several current and former Athleticsare  partispating in the championships, they are: Cody Ward, Drew Popadinac, Alex Pace,  Alec Tamas, Nico Beaudoin (alumni) Kyle Pedwell (alumni) Josh Harris (alumni) Cree Blakely(AP),Adam Kirchmayer (AP)

Many Athletics were also honored with league awards.

Cody Ward- Leading scorer 12 GP 52 Goals 14 Assists 66 Points

All Canadian- Cody Ward, Nico Beaudoin, Adam Kirchmayer

Honorable mention All Canadian- Josh Harris

Link to all award winners click here 

Schedule fore the weekend is below.  Go out and watch some great lacrosse!

Final Six (November 4-6, 2016)

All games will live-stream on BrockTV

Quarterfinals – Friday
QF1 – Brock vs. Ottawa – 5:00pm
QF2 – Guelph vs. Bishop’s – 8:00pm

Semifinals – Saturday
SF1 – Trent vs. Winner of QF1 – 1:00pm
SF2 – Western vs. Winner of QF2 – 4:00pm

Championship – Sunday

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