In an effort to grow the great game of lacrosse the St. Catharines Athletics Jr “A” Lacrosse Club along with the voice of Lacrosse Rod Mawhood  have committed to produce a series of podcasts know as the LAX LOUNGE. These podcasts will provide our audience with great content on every aspect of the game, Field, Box, Professional, Junior and Minor. Stay tuned as the new podcasts are released at the end of each month.

Episode 1 Includes interviews with the NLL Commissioner and Colin Doyle

Episode 2 Includes interviews with Cody Jamieson and Randy Mearns

Episode 3 Includes an interview with Matt Vinc

Episode 4 Includes an interview with Eddie Comeau NLL’s Coach of the year

Episode 5 includes interviews with John Tavares and Johnny “Gypsy” Mouradian